wild Plums

Our health is very important. To be healthy, one of the most important element is to EAT healthy.

Plums are one of the fruits, which helps us take the minerals and some kinds of vitamins which plays an important role for our health.

Despite the great values that plums has, they are tasty too.

Plums season is during the summer till the beginning of September. So, I have bought a big freezer and I buy the fruit and vegetables just during their season, to avoid buying fruits and veggies raised with pesticides during every time of the year. So, I buy 10 kilograms of plums in the end of the Summer, in the beginning of September, I wash them one by one, I cut them in 2 pieces, and put in a small freezer bags around 15 plums per bag. Buying plums in its season time gives me fresh plums, with no pesticides, much cheaper, more natural sugar, much tasty, and with double quantity of vitamins and minerals than those that are farmed.

Than, during the whole winter, every week I take one bag of plums and put on 1 liter of water and boil for one hour, add a little honey, and drink it for 3 days. I put the bio juice on fridge and drink it 3-4 days.

It is tasty and also full with health benefits.

β€œ You are what you eat”

Sometimes, I take one freezer bag with plums, and wait a little to melt, than I put them on blender with half glass of water. It has a great taste too.

Plums help for constipation, are rich in antioxidants, they promote bone health, heart health and many more.

Enjoy your food πŸ˜€ .